Friday, September 15, 2017

Vacation in Bandung (Part 1)

Travelling by Silkair run by Singapore Airlines. Anywhere in Asia its always Silkair and there are only economy or business class seats.

Lunch at a Jap restaurant after checking into our flight. I used the receipt to enter Changi Millionaire draw. This year there is an additional Volvo car prize for people who spend more than $500 in one receipt.

National Day display in the center of the terminal.

Random vending machine outside the waiting lounge. You can buy stuff like cables and ear plugs but the random option is always fun. I tried it twice and got a pair of socks and an international adapter plug, 2 things I needed.

First dinner here in Bandung, we decided to eat at Restaurant Braga in the Braga district known for its cafes and music clubs. No live music here tonight but it didn't matter. We were here for this old almost historic place serving western and local dishes.

For dessert, old world charmers like cannoli, baked alaska and a special banana yoghurt cake. I've posted some new videos on youtube on my dinner here.

Check out the variety available, there is a whole bread counter I didn't take pictures of.

Driving along the streets of Bandung, the old style train still runs frequently, some locals still travel around by horse cart. The sides of the road are filled with food carts and warungs stack plates on their open windows to let patrons know what's on offer that day.

We headed southwest to the famous Kawah Putih Lake. The weather was nice and breezy, it took just a short walk into the nature reserve to see the green-yellow pools of water. It's really quite different, I've never seen anything like it before.

Glamping @ Tea Farm, if nobody told me I wouldn't have known it was a tea farm. The surrounding tents are for rent and the highlight truly has to be the Nasi Campur served in the wood ship in the middle of the plantation.

There are quite a few Strawberry Farms in Kawah Putih, as evidenced by the street vendors hawking all types of berry products and even soft toys. We stopped by one such farm to get some pre-packed fresh strawberries although they do offer picking by the pound for tourists. 

Lunched at this authentic bamboo thatch hut place.

Indonesian food in general is delicious and the presentation here is amazing. I would advise everyone to stay away from the sambal in Indonesia as it is hot! One bite and we were sweating from the chili fumes.

Just before heading back to Bandung town, stopped by a deer farm to feed those cute reindeers. When I turned around to head back to the bus, there were these tiny little black chickens hiding in the wood stock.

Surprise angklung performance in the evening when we arrived back in Bandung. First time watching an Indonesian traditional dance and I haven't heard one of these instruments since my school days.

Dinner at a hipster Chinese-Indonesian restaurant called Kampung something. Every dish was really good especially that sweet corn and egg drop soup. The restaurant even helped to wash the strawberries we bought and plate it up for dessert.

Souvenirs from Day 1 in Bandung Indonesia. Most were from the souvenir shop next door to the place we had dinner at. I got orange squash that seems to be the thing here, strawberry dodol and syrup as well as that cushion from Kawah Putih farms, some packets of green clay from the actual Kawah Putih Lake. The street vendors sell these ladies handbags in a pack of 10 so you can bring it home as souvenirs, I really like the batik print ones.

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