Friday, October 6, 2017

Fruit Icing Gel

Having ice cream at Vivocity, I came across this cute new body product called icing gel. It comes in watermelon, mango or strawberry and is an aloe vera after-sun gel enhanced with fruit essences for fragrance and other qualities @ $9.90. It feels quite cool to the touch and is mildly moisturizing so I got one, don't think there's another bodycare product out there like this yet.

Not to be confused with Fruit Salad Dressing by Lady's Choice, a Filipino favorite. Served with fresh cut fruits, it makes the fruits taste sweet and creamy. It can also be used in the popular pinoy dish macaroni salad.

Boon Lay MRT is right next to Jurong Point Shopping Center and I was here again to collect more prizes. Have to take a bus out to the industrial estates for prize collection and the entire process takes me hours.

Jurong Point S.C. has these popular HongKong or Tokyo themed streets with eateries, instant noodles for sale and cute souvenirs. It's also home to this Food Court that looks right out of a 5 star Malaysia Resort. All the fast food chains can be found here too.

$1,000 Chan Brothers Travel Vouchers that would translate into a 3D2N staycation in RWS or free'n'easy for 2 people to Langkawi. Haven't decided what to do with this yet, so I'll have to check with the travel agent what the latest travel destination is.

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