Friday, October 13, 2017

Packing for Renovations

We've been busy packing everything into moving boxes. Our place is going to be renovated and I am soo excited, we've been talking about it for dunno how long. Anyways, the biggest challenge so far is getting enough boxes.

This is just the kitchen stuff...Tupperware, plates. It's kinda unbelievable and after this I won't be buying anymore flatware & cutlery. I think there's enough kitchen stuff here to last a few more decades or maybe even a few more homes.

Kitchen demolition complete. There was nothing wrong with the cabinets, we just wanted to take down the walls and create an open kitchen, maybe add a new laundry or half bath.

These are stationery and office supplies like the printer, fax. We put the books into plastic containers coz once it gets wet, there's really no point saving it. Hopefully, we'll have a place to put all these things out once renovations are complete. Usually, people try to downscale when renovating. I haven't looked at the new plans so I don't know what its gonna look like.

Because of the shortage of cardboard boxes, my mom suggested I pack my personal stuff into all available bags I own. Which is kinda funny, imagine me carrying out 10 LV/Chanel/Prada bags all at once. That isn't actually it, its more like all the luggage bags we own. So our home stuff is in boxes and our personal stuff is in luggages.

Escaping the noise and dust @ Delifrance.

Looking at alternative living arrangements. If you don't want to live in a budget chain hotel but want to spend around that amount, there are several boutique hotels in Chinatown. Imagine living in a historical area filled with tourist sights, quaint eateries and famous hawker centers. Booking 3 to 6 months ahead is recommended, coz when I tried to book these places it was too late to confirm the dates. Capsule hotels are the new thing, its in between backpacker hostel and Chinatown hotel.

I also tried looking for rentals by the month. In general, HDB flats go for less than $500 for 1 room and more than $500 for the whole flat per month. Condos are a few thousand dollars per month. All tenancy agreements are for at least 3 months at a time, but it really depends, sometimes its longer like 1 year.

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