Friday, June 2, 2017

back to my usual schedule

I tried looking for Dancing Crab and think its closed, so I searched for another Cajun place and was surprised to find it in Plaza Singapura, its called Cajun on Wheels or COW. The prices are more affordable and they still dump the seafood on the table in front of you. There is soo much Cajun seasoning in the butter sauce that it tastes like curry, I kid you not. I also tried the signature lobster bisque that is more like a really good stock base. Definitely worth coming back here again.

I won some GV movie vouchers from Colgate x Redmart so I caught a movie Boss Baby the new DreamWorks animation. The movie ticketing counters have merged with the concessionaire stand creating one massive counter, but there is nobody around on a weekday afternoon so no Qs. That is not the only thing I won from Colgate, a while ago I collected my Delsey Luggage from a Colgate contest held with Cold Storage.

Finally caved and bought a spa package near my place, it was because I had a splinter in my foot and I couldn't get it out myself, so I booked a pedicure and got it removed along with a nice buff and shine. The spa therapists commented that was not my first trip to their spa and I should just get a package to make their life easier, so I did. It's this Chinese-run place with all the China - Europe brands that none of us have heard of before, its non-commercial but work as well as known brand name products. The spa is full service from regular manicures to IPL and the range of facials available are really mind-boggling. 

Check out this new drink that I had with my snack, Elisha fruit carbonated water, more fruit & more hydration. I love carbonated waters, its good that there is more than just lemon water available.

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