Friday, June 30, 2017


This batch of sealed pouches came in the mail and are from Sample Store, a Singapore Post Office company. I put in 5 orders, the items are FOC but the shipping & handling costs $5.99 each order. It's a bit expensive I know, I had some paypal credits from my Zalora referral links that I used up here. 

The main items I really wanted are these Korean Face Masks in really cute packaging. Some packets of detergent, facial scrub, moisturizer, serum, CC cream, cream masks, body ache massage gel, anti-odor spray.

This Neutrogena sunblock sample was completely FOC, shipping & handling also FOC. As was the Vivace Facial Mask, sure beats samples handed out at the shopping center.


Marigold x Smurfs The Lost Village prize consists of 4 tickets to watch the new Smurfs movie, movie premiums and 3 cartons of milk!

 This one month's supply of milk is more like one year's supply for my family.

Cle de Peau facial cotton, these are 2 sample packets from promo event. Check out the little monogram in the corner. Usually, it sells in a box of 120 sheets for $30.

Laneige Collagen Drinks are fish based and enhanced with orange fruits for faster absorption in the body. Free Gift for the first 10 buyers who make 5 or more paid checkouts on Sample Store. Ordinarily it retails for $52 in stores.

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