Friday, December 30, 2016

Beauty Keeper Box

I actually received this huge box of Taiwanese beauty samples from Beauty Keeper during their Giftopia event back in October. OMG! This is the largest beauty sample haul I've ever received all at once. It also comes with a newspaper insert detailing the brands and products.

I counted 21 items in here:

 2 packets of candies from Ethel (collagen and aha acids)
Yoghurt Berry Supplement Powder from Yohopower 
2 tissue face masks from Sevynal and INNA Organic
12 pack disposable Macaron facial masks from Han aka
Lip gloss from Serlando
2 sets of makeup foundation from Minorca
PSK CC cream and deep sea moisturizer
Jandan Skincare serum toner
Aurelia Aurita Moisture Jelly Toner (with jellyfish collagen)
MD/AA Jiao acne stick
Eyes Light eye serum
Crisstar Aqua Moisture Gel and Oxygenated Essence
Vitalab Perfecting Elixir
Mdmmd. Hydration cream and freeze age essence
All Belle face towel

I am guessing this would last me a year. The collagen powder will go into soups, yogurt berry powder into smoothies, eye cream meant to soothe fatigued eyes and acne stick with a herbal formula. The lip gloss is clear tho' dunno why as it seems all the Taiwanese lip glosses are clear these days.

Opening up all the boxes so you can see the packaging. My fave is Crisstar coz of the crystal ball caps. Next is the hefty Aurelia Aurita Jellyfish Moisture Gel, good solid bottle in a round shape and ombre colours. Cannot wait to start using these.

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