Friday, December 23, 2016

Marks & Spencer Cafe

I like visiting Marks & Spencer's flagship store at Wheelock Place. It's got pretty much everything and the food section is a treat, especially during Christmas time with specialty foods.

I usually get scones for 1 but today I was hungry so I ordered one of the popular baked potatoes, this one has creamed cheese and salmon. Also got the hummus platter for sharing, great variety of crackers and hummus. You can get all the same stuff from their food hall in cans and packages.

I picked up this mulled wine spices from their Christmas range and was surprised at the register coz it costs $10.90! I was only expecting it to be a few dollars. Check out my food haul video on youtube.

updated on 25 Dec 2016 Christmas Day

Christmas Day lunch from M&S, I still had to do some prep like mulling the wine and steeping the tea the night before. For lunch its crackers & 4 dips, taco salad using a sauce packet and unboxing the chocolates to put on plates for dessert. Check out my presents haul video on youtube.

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