Friday, December 9, 2016

H&M x Kenzo

This is the first time I have queued for H&M designer collaboration and actually bought something I wanted. I was in the Q by 5am and unlike previous times, no one left the Q until they actually got into the store to shop.

H&M staff handed out muffins and bottled water in the morning, I ran off to have a quick breakfast at Ya Kun before re-joining the Q. That's what the wristbands are for.

I stayed away from the bright colors and just got the basics. Spent about $3,000 but its not all for myself, this is also Christmas presents.

Popular BookFest @ Suntec Convention Center, I got in on the 100 amazing deals for Christmas and there are more at the bookfest. Checkout my haul video on youtube, excuse the squeaky voice I don't know why it came out like that in the video.

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