Friday, January 6, 2017

Sakae Teppanyaki & Lim's Art & Crafts

Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year crossover...

Lunch with family @ Marina Square Sakae Teppanyaki.
Fried rice with crab meat and Fried soba noodles with chicken.

 We ordered 1 of everything to try and this season there is venison that we like soo much. My fave is dumplings, the best version I've ever eaten.

We dropped by Lim's Arts & Crafts to check out the CNY decorations, everything in there from household utensils to lawn ornaments is chinoiserie, up to 50% off furniture.

I want to get some really nice Chicken Art to display permanently in my home, you cannot have a cozy country kitchen without pics of chickens and ducks around so we will see what else is available this year as we usher in the year of the rooster.

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