Monday, September 12, 2016

Ice Cream Review

Trying out ice-cream from the neighborhood shop. There is the usual paddle pop, cornetto and potong from our childhood as well as a few new ones that are really good. Worth reviewing here.

Apple Sourz 
Liquorice apple flavored ice surrounding a gummy center

Named after the chocolate bar, the center is pure choc surrounded by whipped ice cream and coated in a nutty choco shell

Kit Kat
Also named after a chocolate bar, there is a kit kat right in the middle of the cone. It's chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce.

Icy Grape
Menthol citrus ice surrounding a grape ice center.

My favorite ice cream growing up. It's got a creamy vanilla center surrounded by tart lime ice.

Traffic Light
Multicoloured, multi fruit flavored ice.

Really sweet and slightly creamy strawberry & grape ice on 2 sticks.

Creamy milo ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.

The top pops off to connect to the base, forming a fancy sundae cup. Inside, its a regular conetto/drumstick.

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