Friday, September 23, 2016

Dreaming & Designing

20 years ago I was dreaming and designing my own room. It took $5,000 and about 3 to 4 years to get it approved and done. The rooms got a new coat of paint, new super-single sized beds, new built-in cupboards. I bought an Ikea bookcase, new curtains, new bed sheets, sun catcher and a custom notice board. I even added in a TV and aquarium, it totally refreshed my life. Moving onto my home and I have 3 designs so far, haven't decided on the location yet. More coffee @ my worktable and high tea 2020! Maybe I can move in on 2nd Feb, looks like a lucky date 02/02/2020.

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Spent a whole lot of time planning my great American road trip that is still in progress, maybe it won't even happen. Apart from passport visa, driving licence, credit card application (I need a bank account as well), new phone registration (and phone card from each state). It's much more complex now with different road toll memberships. Wondering if I need a registered address as well, since it keeps appearing in all the registration forms. American airports have TSA, so luggage and check-ins have to be compliant. I recently found out about the new airlines Jetblue and Aeromexico, will definitely try it out if I get the chance to. All I have is a general idea of what I want to see (american football match), do (sew a quilt) and eat (southern comfort food).

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