Monday, September 26, 2016

Food Fair (Zhongshan Park)

Food court that opened in Zhongshan Park last month, here's a list of stalls open:

- roast meats (shao roa)
- dish with rice (zhu chao) 
- homemade noodles (ban mian)
- dumpling noodles (wanton)
- vegetarian mixed rice (also serves desserts)
- chicken/pork belly hotpot
- nasi lemak / curry rice
- western food
- abalone noodles
- drinks and fruit

The best value has to be western food. Chicken chops $6.80 that comes with 3 sides and its soo juicy and flavorful even without the accompanying sauce.

The tastiest dish has to be ban mian with a really tasty broth. Wish there was a dimsum stall you know, for takeaway.

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