Friday, August 26, 2016

Villiger Premium Cigar

Cigars are not common in Singapore, so when I saw a small display stand (<10) at NTUC Fairprice I was like "what". It's only Villager in 2 sizes Lancero (6.1" x 35) or Cigarillo (3.7" x 23) at around $10 a piece. The price is really high and I think its because of the tobacco tax in Singapore. Villiger recommended retail price is only $17 per 5 pack. You can get a much heftier cigar @ Fumee for $10 and up.

The one I have here is #3 Sumatra, I didn't notice it before coz its just a sticker and the different numbers indicate different types. The description says tangy, I associate it with seafood - a little sourish even seaweed-y and incredibly spicy. I have a feeling it would be great as a blend rather than the 100% pure filling here. Definitely an air freshener as the secondary smoke is creamy chocolately and even interesting. The actual smoke is not.

Reminds me of joss sticks used for praying, nobody smokes that coz it tastes terrible.

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