Friday, August 5, 2016

Singapore Garden Festival

This year's Garden Festival, held at Gardens by the Bay.

These larger than life installations using natural plants are found along the walkways, interspersed by exhibition kiosks. I think these are my fave exhibits at the show this year, orchids are soo common its not really exciting.

The Secret Garden is an enclave with wood peat path that is really nice to walk on, bouncy cushioning for your feet.

Its soo Alice in Wonderland, with sculptures and a cathedral structure over a patio set.

The Giant Chairs structures are really seating areas for people to rest and enjoy the view of MBS, the lake, Singapore Flyer, Supertrees.

Nice shot huh, I am entering this in the photo contest.

The Penjing Tent features Chinese Bonsai for show and for sale. I haven't seen this standard of bonsai since I was a little kid.

Floral arrangement Bentos!

The next tent features competition floral dining concepts, wouldn't you love to have a dinner party in one of these setups.

More competition large-scale floral sculptures.

Couple of freebies along the way, from entering contests at the booths.

This one is a contender for Trick Eye Museum.

This jungle landscape is covered by a painted silk screen, you can only see through when the lights are on, like a lightbox. I thought the fairy lights are exceptionally magical, its artistically draped.

Nice piece of furniture.

We took the shuttle back to starting point, instead of finishing the walk through the marketplace (shopping) and Satay by the Bay (eating). It was pouring rain.

The Garden Festival tickets also allowed us into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. We only went into the Flower Dome because of the orchid exhibits.

There were loads of award winning orchids and this is my fave, Vanda Norgard GEM

I was mainly interested in different pink tones but the yellow and pink orchids are really special. Also noticed quite a few leopard orchids.

Sidetracked by these gorgeous lantern flowers. The buds hang downwards and look like chinese lanterns.

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