Friday, October 2, 2015

Spotlight - Curtain Remnants - Dress D

I am making that same dress in the picture. The pattern recommends the use of heavy fabrics that can hold its shape like denim, brocade, linen blends. I was afraid it would be too heavy, so reinforced all seams 3x just in case. Using the same twill weave fabric as Dress C.

Marking out the circles, lines, dots using blue chalk that didn't wash off immediately. I had to go out and buy those new water-soluble markers to use going forward. I also bought this button making kit to make matching buttons for this dress.

Cut out a piece of matching fabric using the template provided, then layer it in the custom case together with the button front & back. Push to snap everything in place.

So fun and easy to create a customized look!

Since the buttons were done up soo nicely, I took extra care to ensure all seams on this dress are not visible.

The completed outfit.

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