Friday, October 9, 2015

2 dresses with different necklines

Dress A has a small X on the back, Dress B has a big X on the front. Since it is essentially the same dress, I thought I would make it in blue herringbone and black silk.

Starting with the black silk. The design uses facings on the inside rather than full lining, also the straps on the back are too long. I had to make adjustments to make it fit properly.

I was too tired to make a ruched skirt so I just pleated it.

 LBD with a U-shape front and cross on the back.

Onto the blue herringbone. There are no specific instructions on how to sew the inside of that big cross in front and it took me forever (2 weeks) just to get it right. sewing down the lining over the zip also took me a long time to get right, 1 week I think.

It has full bodice lining inside, unfortunately I ran out of fabric and had to use another fabric to make up the lining.

Front and back views. Wish I could show you how it looks when worn.

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