Friday, October 23, 2015

2 Tunic Dresses

2 dresses of similar styles with differences in the middle part of the dress. The first tunic dress has an applique waistband and the other tunic dress has a sash made from the same fabric.

I sewed the first dress in light purple seersucker, using patches of other fabric with purple in it for applique.

First time sewing a partial side zip, its to open up the waist when dressing.

I sewed the second dress using butterfly velvet as the design is simpler so the fabric has to carry the dress. I am addicted to this butterfly velvet as it's soo amazing and not fussy like traditional velvet.

I intended for the lining to be made from the same velvet, but, that made the dress really warm to wear. So I sewed on a cotton lining instead, making 2 dresses instead of 1.

I usually sew the little bit on top together, but this time I made a hook & eye clasp. So the dress can be opened up for easy dressing or for nursing mothers (when worn backwards). I was thinking about everyday home clothes when I made these.

The 2 dresses when completed! Both have matching sashes. I dressed one with a sash and the other without so you can see how its worn both ways.

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