Friday, October 16, 2015

3 Drop Waist Dresses

For a different look, I took some time to find a pattern for hip-base or low-waisted dresses.

Dress A using remaining pink ombre cotton. The fabric is soo delicate, I ripped a hole while sewing the seams.

Final dress! I omitted the zip so its slip-on ready.

Dress back view. I used pink cotton lining inside as this material is quite thin. The thinness actually lets it drape so well I think.

Dress B in black sequins & black Georgette. Black sequins always cost that much more than other colours and designs. It was also quite difficult to find, I searched a few places before getting this. Georgette on the other hand is easy to find but difficult to sew! I bought lots of extra material in case it ripped and used up lots of it. The seams are not perfect but are the best I can do for now.

Check out that glitter effect, I am a new convert to sequins.

Dress C in plain classic black cotton and georgette.

 The skirt looked a bit plain so I made a skirt overlay with leftover georgette and sewed a bubble hem. I have to say the look is modern, definitely not classic.

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