Friday, September 18, 2015

Spotlight - Curtain Remnants - Dress C

Jacket A and Dress C are from the same pattern 1688 Cynthia Rowley. I tried to match the fabrics so it will look like a set.

Dress C is made from 2 yards of base fabric, 1 yard of lining and 1 yard of contrasting fabric for the top. I made this dress in a cream shade of the same twill I used for jacket A, accent on top is in thermal silk, coz regular silk is too thin.

Total retail price of fabrics $220! At these prices, you would be relieved to know the yardage required is overstated. I made the lining and dress accent from the same 1 yard of fabric and only used 1 yard of base fabric for the dress.

The dress itself was simple enough to sew, requiring just 4 main & 4 lining fabric pieces. The difficulty was leaving spaces in between the sewn up fabric to slot in straps, a move requiring precision.

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