Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Personalized Coca-Cola Cans

7-11/Big Gulp contest to win 5 personalized coca-cola cans. You can get 1 personalized coke can @ roadshow with minimum $10 purchase of coke drinks. With just 1 big gulp, I won 5 vouchers. It sounds like a great deal until I had to collect the vouchers from 7-11 @ Tampines then find a roadshow to redeem these vouchers. There is a direct bus from my place to the roadshow but its from 1 interchange to the next, that's a 2 hour journey x2 (back and forth). 

I entered another Coca-cola contest to win a personalized sweater, hoping to win that as well!

The staff entering my details into the machine. I waited 30mins as there was a Q in the machine.

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