Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Silky Men Perfume

Silky Girl has loads of new perfumes. Personally, I like Bulgarian Rose from their flowers series of scents. Their newest Aktiv range are all fresh clean scents for girls who workout, spritz a healthy dose on yourself after your exercise class. More complex perfumes can be had from their love series of perfumes, meant as love tokens. Priced affordably at $9.90 to $14.90 a bottle.

Silky Girl also launched Silky Men perfumes and deodorants for guys. The Aktiv range is a series of fresh clean scents for guys. However, I was really impressed by the other perfumes that are comparable to high-end stuff in stores. The packaging is a little plain but at $9.90 to $11.90 a 100ml bottle, you really won't mind.



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