Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gardens by the Bay

Touring Gardens by the Bay with my mom on a weekday morning. Hoping the crowds won't be there and true enough, its mostly cyclists with the tourists pouring in after lunch.

SuperTree Grove, where you can walk on treetops via OCBC skyway $5/person or dine @ the highest tree - Indochine Restaurant. There are more restaurants en route from the MRT to SuperTree Grove; Peach Garden, Hill Street Cafe and Texas Chicken. We had lunch @ Hill Street Cafe before heading home.

The outdoor gardens are free for the public that's where all the cyclists are. Some people I know park their cars @ Satay by the Bay that has its own parking lot (20mins walk from the entrance), then cycle around the dozen or so themed gardens. My mom and I took the audio tram $8/person that brought us through all the themed gardens and showed us the picnic spots, rentable spaces for events and this floating baby sculpture.

Cooled Conservatories - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are located next to each other, $20/person. There is a gift shop, Bakerzin Cafe and charging bay @ ticketing area. 

Flower Dome has tons of gorgeous cacti and flowers, photo ops with these giant postage stamps. The dome also houses Pollen restaurant that serves modern mediterranean cuisine.

Both conservatories share the same gift shop exit, Conservatory Cafe (pic below) for an ice-cream/coffee break and entrance to Majestic Bay Chinese Seafood Restaurant.

Cloud Forest houses a 7 storey high waterfall. I really think kids will like this better than flowers. There is an indoor skywalk spanning 4 storeys, leading to crystal exhibit and an audio visual centre where you can learn more about climate change and other geography type things. 

As you walk through the Cloud Forest, you will notice little pockets of surprises like a Lego plant garden, giant alligators, landscaped ponds.

In between the cooled conservatories and Satay by the Bay is Far East Organization Children's Garden a water themed playground for kids with its own cafe.

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