Friday, August 21, 2015

Re-sewing a Yukata

This yukata (cotton kimono) was a gift more than a decade ago from my uncle & auntie who frequently visit Japan. I have never worn it before and now have decided to re-sew it into a summer dress.

It's actually easier than I previously thought it would be. The collar is removed to be used as a  binding for the new collar. The wide sleeves are removed to add onto the skirt. There is a notch under the bodice where the sash (obi) is supposed to wrap around, I followed that marking to cut the fabric into two pieces.

To make it knee length, 9" is cut from the skirt portion and this 9" of fabric gets cut again into 3 portions lengthwise to be added onto the skirt. The skirt is now double the size of the bodice and gets reattached to the bodice.

Yukata size 10 now fits my size 22 frame nicely. Finally, I have sewn a wearable outfit for myself.

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