Friday, August 14, 2015

Fabric Swap

I swapped some of my batik with a friend to get this beautiful gold & teal songket. I am not sure where in Asia this comes from (Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia?) it had an airport duty-free tag on it and then I found this sticker, so its from Indonesia.

I chose a design to showcase this print in its entirety as I love the colours and geometric patterns on it. Sexy details of shoulder cut-outs and slit all the way down the back.

The hem doesn't need to be sewn up as it ends exactly where the fabric ends.

No zippers, just a sash that you can do away with as the waistline expands.

I tried to sew this in metallic gold thread, but it got really scratchy so ornamental thread is not really for clothes.

I loved this dress pattern soo much I made 1 more dress with a long skirt using my remaining orchid purple seersucker.

Think it looks better worn back to front, that large peephole bodice really makes this outfit pop.

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