Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My SG50 Project

Celebrating Singapore's Golden Jubilee (50th year) with a personal project of my own: sewing 50 articles of clothing. It's kinda ambitious, kinda ridiculous and I can't believe it is almost complete, 4 more dresses to go.

6 Amazing Fit (plus size) dresses
4 Cynthia Rowley (bubble/toga) dresses
3 Jessica McClintock (tutu skirt) dresses
2 Leanne Marshall dresses
1 re-sewn Yukata
2 Batik Dresses
5 Tutu Skirts + 1 matching Pink Top
5 Evening Gowns
3 Short Party Dresses
2 "X" Dresses
3 Jackets + 3 matching Dresses
2 Personalized Dresses
3 Hipster Dresses
2 exact same Day Dresses in Butterfly Velvet
1 Navy Blue Dress
2 Purple Day Dresses (Applique Waistband/Cutout Sleeves)

Spending my GST credits with these SG50 vouchers...

Madeleines and sandwiches from Delifrance...

SG50 raspberry tau hauy jelly frappucinos from Starbucks...

Curry puffs from Old Chang Kee.

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