Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Urban Decay's Naked3 palette

I bought the Naked3 Palette with my CNY money, such an extravagance at the time ($83) but after using it, I have to say it's totally worth it! Urban Decay's Naked palettes are soo raved about and highly touted by it's users and now I can finally see why. With one of these palettes you can get professional eye makeup without hiring a professional makeup artist. There is no fixed technique or application process, you just have to use all the colours. Rub on the colours where you see fit, you can even do it randomly and the end effect is soo haute, it leaves people wondering how you did it.

So Naked 1 is browns and neutrals, Naked 2 is more dramatic with blacks and whites, Naked 3 is rose tones (the one I got). What I really like about Naked 3 is this haute look can be created for everyday, daytime wear. You know to work or church. Naked 1 & 2 are more sexy & intense looks, although you can still wear Naked 1 to work it's not for every girl.

Each Naked palette comes with a sample of their eye primer potion, works like a dream and fans always rush back to buy more. I used Urban Decay's makeup setting spray that I like for it's cool mist but I guess the primer is really the better way to go as you need waterproof eyeliner for the former.

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