Friday, March 21, 2014

Shamrock Potholders

St Patrick's Day was this week. Celebrating every occasion makes sense because the crafts and food are something to be happy about! I found these easy recipes for Shamrock Potholders on Lion Brand website. Is anyone making irish cream cupcakes?

I used this automatic cording maker from Spotlight. It took me one evening to learn how to cast on then cast off and troubleshoot. But the time saved is well worth the effort.

(1) You make 2 cordings of 24" and 44".
(2) Coil the longer cord into an S-shape.
(3) Coil the shorter cord into a circle with a little stem.
(4) Sew into place with excess yarn from both ends.
(5) Tie off to end. Thread remaining yarn into cordings.

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