Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Federick Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Hair Mask

Truth be told, I got these on Today's Special at Strawberrynet, my first gift card and even a free gift (eyeshadow palette). I have never tried Fekkai Advanced before and am overall happy with the product. Essential Shea delivers shiny, soft, smooth hair. It's not an instant makeover, but, you'll be happy with the results. $38.50 per 198ml bottle.

I find it a little clumpy when freshly squeezed from the bottle, so I emptied the contents into the conditioner container and let it sit, the next application became much easier as the texture was more pliable and the results were more visible in my hair as well. Wished I did that in the beginning with both bottles as I only found this out towards the end.

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