Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shiseido Rebonding

Shiseido hair colours are lovely as are the accompanying hair treatments. I was only to happy to try out Shiseido Rebonding and their new ads are soo gorgeous, just check out those curls.

So here I am sitting at the salon for 3 hours to get this done, most of the time fending off requests to buy packages from the salon. The girl next to me dozed off (great strategy btw).

Soft rebonding so my hair looks sleek but not un-naturally straight. That's the effect and it looks much better than natural hair. I hear this is what all the models and maids (including mine) are doing these days. I calculated the savings from hair products and treatments alone will be thousands of dollars each year. So no matter how much you are paying for your soft rebonding, it's worth it.

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