Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dermatix Ultra

The great thing about working in a clinic is the free medical samples :)

 Ok, so not all samples can be used. However, this is a product I have been looking for and hope you find useful as well. Dermatix works to reduce the appearance of old scars especially those raised (keloids) bumps. Dermatix Ultra works with additional Vitamin C to lighten discolourations of scars. 1 box/tube costs $69 from hospital pharmacies.

I tried this on some old scars I had on my knees and elbows as well as newer scars caused by polyester clothes rubbing against my fats. It is non-greasy and creates a film over the scar, apparently you can put makeup over but I don't use makeup on my body so I don't know about this. Two applications a day, a pea-sized drop each time, in a week my scars were less visible.

It is not meant for chicken pox or acne scars.

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