Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rio Tapas

It's affiliated to Carnivore. Same kitchen and waiters but different menu and decor. I wasn't sure where the entrance was the last time but now there are these huge banners by the door advertising their set lunches, so you can't miss the entrance.

The seating area inside may be tiny (20 people) but all seats look out into the harbour, nice! I was the only patron this afternoon so the waiter took some time explaining the menu and ingredients to me, like how each main course is a 160gm serving - just nice for a light lunch. But, I was hungry so I ordered a pizza and a pasta dish. 

Set lunches from $17.90 to $29.90. I tried the spicy Margherita pizza on the set lunch menu that was pretty good, the chilli padi really added that extra kick.

The chef was also nice enough to whip up squid ink pasta ($16) for my lunch even though it's supposed to be on the dinner menu. Nicely grilled squid and freshly made pasta.

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