Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Dressing Table

My dressing table is actually a column of shelves that run parallel to my full length mirror. People always ask me why no chair? And the answer is simple - no space!

Top Shelf : Watch/Jewellery boxes with warranty, Candles, Nail lamp & drill
Second Shelf : Cosmetics (pic below)
Third Shelf : Skincare & Haircare (pic further down)
Fourth Shelf : Stockpile (pic at bottom)

I used to keep 2 sets of makeup; 1 normal skin tone and 1 darker set in case I got tanned. 2 perfumes; 1 light fresh scent for day and 1 muskier scent for night. You get the idea, everything in twos.

Since then, my dressing table has evolved into holding 4 foundations of varying shades and a dozen compacts of 2-way cake, powder, finishing powder, bronzer and blushers. 11 lip glosses. 10 eyeliners in different colours. 6 bottles of perfume. 6 eyeshadow palettes. 2 concealers. 2 eyelash curlers. 2 types of mascaras. 1 box of loose powder. 1 bottle of primer. And backups of everything. Not quite up there with the youtube makeup stars yet, so I consider this a working wardrobe.

I have 5 combs that are meant for different hairstyles. The pink big toothed one is for permed hair, blue fine toothed one for administering hair treatments, 2 different sized ox bone ones that are anti-static and good for travelling to winter countries, big flat brush for normal & rebonded hair. I keep an extra fine tooth comb in my bathroom.

A 3 layer stockpile like this would last me about 2 years and works as a resource for last minute gifts. When I see it visibly diminishing, I know it is time to stock up.

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