Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe Guitar

My dad finally made his hard rock cafe pins guitar and got it framed in time for Chinese New Year. Personally, I love it! He has enough to make another guitar but maybe in the shape of a drum set or microphone. Wonder what this would fetch on ebay?


  1. Hi, chanced upon your blog while looking for hard rock pins display. May I know where did you get that pins guitar made in Singapore? How many pins would it require and what's the cost? Thanks~ :)

    1. see reply below :)

      This hobby took a while to put together.

  2. You need a few hundred pins as once you start arranging, you need different shapes and sizes to make up the shape of the guitar. Not all the pins will make the cut ;)

    Basic framing alone costs $100 to $200. You have to factor in cost of backing,velvet & glue (optional).


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