Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Online Haul

I was watching several haul and makeup collection videos on youtube and want to do my own soon. So while I figure out how to work the video on my camera phone, this is a haul post on some online shopping I did over the weekend.

If you don't already know, I go on a buying frenzy when there is a sale. It's stuff you are going to use anyway, so you can buy it with discounts or not, it's entirely up to you. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough to last the year. It may not last that long when doubled as last minute presents. Buying in bulk always pays off, I got free shipping, an additional 5% discount and a CK brow pencil with this batch. Part 1 of 3 as it's shipped out in batches of shower gel/moisturizers, cosmetics and hair stuff. It took just 2 days for the first box to arrive. Yes, I hoard.

I also checked out this new online luxury sale site stylez online and got a new pair of Prada shades and gold Dior bracelet at half price.

I can order the basics online. But for everything else, I need to see the colour and texture in person to decide. My favourite place is multi-label Sephora where throngs of crowd appear for their beauty fix as well. For the latest fashion trends in makeup, I always head to Urban Decay and it didn't disappoint with a flourescent white glitter eyeliner gel that was just ammazzing! You never knew your eyelids could hold that much glitter in a single line. I also got a heavenly marshmellow scented Marshmellow body powder, they were out the last time. A strawberry & kiwi bath ice cream (i.e. bomb), need to try it to know the difference from Lush bath bombs. And more stock of mascara. Am not fussy about mascara as long as it doesn't clump and is waterproof, ended up with Lancome's Hypnose as the salesgirl convinced me it was the best - volumizes your lashes in seconds.

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