Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chanel Makeup

I have been a fan of Chanel makeup for almost a decade. I remember a time when I used to baulk at the extraordinary prices people would pay for premium makeup back in the days when I used L'oreal and ZA. I made the big leap when after a night of drinking, I saw my patchy face in the mirror that touch-ups barely fixed. In contrast, my uni classmate next to me had luminous flawless skin, she was glowing in a healthy radiant way. She showed me her Chanel compact and I never turned back since.

How do you justify cosmetics that cost almost 5x the price of regular convenience store brands? A sheer layer of foundation/powder glides onto the skin, providing instant coverage. As the night wears on, it seems to absorb the natural oils from your skin and transforms into radiant but still matte coverage. The same goes for their eyeshadows, blush, bronzers that don't oxidize as the day progresses (i.e. change colour). I am also a fan of their long lasting lip glosses that usually come in brilliant colours that hold the colour throughout the day. Try it today and you will be a fan soon.

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