Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cross Stitch Mural

I really like this mural, so feminine, so sweet. Read about the designer on her blog.

When re-decorating the room, I always find headboards the most challenging. In my previous room I had my bed against the windows, so the window treatments were adequate. When I moved to my current room, I didn't want to hang anything above the bed as earthquake tremors could cause things to come crashing down. I spent some time looking for a conventional headboard that is affixed to the wall from the ground up and was about to give up when I found these stickers that are just perfect. Eline's mural is almost the same idea, only she has more talent than me.

The liuli (chinese crystal) forever knot ornament is a present from my dad. It's affixed to the wall in a closed clasp hook.

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