Thursday, February 11, 2010


The tai tai pastime and Chinese gaming equivalent of poker. Can only be considered gambling if you are betting huge amounts of money. Otherwise it's just a a game played to while away the time at wakes and reunions. You can buy miniature sets (1.5 cm tiles) for $25 at your local "going out of business" store, instruction booklets for newbies can be had for $1.50, standard sets like above pic for around $70. 

For more serious gamers or like my friend Tammy who needs to be special, you can get a Louis Vuitton Mahjong Set for under $5k, completely customizable with it's own little trunk. Apparently, each tile is handpainted with LV emblems incorporated into the pictures. Perfect present for your mom, mom-in-law maybe...

Maison Martin Magiela is giving away pure white limited edition sets with purchases above $2k on the Fall/Winter 2009 collection in HK (see pic below).

Baby pink Hello Kitty set for $200 if you can find it. Loving the cute teddy bears and kitty faces on the tiles.

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