Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lampwork Beads

I wanted to make myself a fun colourful bracelet that is sorely lacking in my wardrobe. My purchases primarily have work in mind, so it's usually sedate and elegant (I hope). Each lampwork bead has to be individually crafted so it carries a certain artists' imprint that makes it interesting and unique. You see many different versions when you are vacationing, as different artists do up different stuff. I wish I collected them then. After exhausting the usual bead shops for material, I found this great webshop (based in Singapore) that sells these gorgeous lampwork beads: I like the panda head and sea urchin inspired spiky ones. The material came up to $40, free delivery and also a free gift! Will post a picture once I am done with the bangle.

Thursday, 11 Feb 2010
My completed bracelet.

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