Wednesday, February 17, 2010

24k Gold Facial

This common spa treat is inspired by Cleopatra's gold mask. Nope, not the famous funery mask. But, the everyday one historians claim the famous pharoah slept in every night as a form of ancient facial treatment. I think it makes sense. Gold has proven regenerative effects, especially helpful for small blemishes and acne. Instead of ingesting it, it is applied like a salve onto the face. The modern version offers nano showers of gold dust and creams before finishing in the extravagant gold leafing of your face in pure 24k gold sheets to create a mask that is thrown away after the facial. The entire experience is magical and leaves your skin glowing. I think it is definitely a surer bet than the $5 million hongbao draw that I didn't win. It is the year of the golden tiger after all.

Picture coutesy of UMO

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