Sunday, May 24, 2009

PS Cafe

Just when you cannot stomach another sandwich, you walk by PS Cafe with its made from scratch pesto, freshly baked gourmet breads and sweet juicy chicken. I think you can guess my favourite item on the menu...chicken sandwich, followed closely by the Blood Caesar Salad with half a fresh lemon and egg confit.

During the age when boutique cafes were all the rage (remember DKNY Cafe or even fashion cafe?), Project Shop (same people with Blood Brothers) started their own cafe as well. The food was so good that I stopped bothering with the clothes and started coming here only for the food.

Fresh from renovations, they have new furniture and an updated menu. Some things haven't changed though, like the table arrangements and the daily specials. I really like the PS Burger Club as well as the popcorn appetizers.

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