Tuesday, November 4, 2008

White Truffle Season

Tis the season for foodies to unite in search of goodies. No it is not Christmas. It's just Autumn, the time Chinese have their Hairy Crabs for the creamy egg custard like roe and Italians seek out white truffles in their pastas, pizzas and soups.
Not a foodie by nature, I only know it's white truffle season when the restaurants start serving it. The simple spaghetti carbonara at La Strada is tossed in truffle butter with truffle shavings on top (along with the parmesan, egg confit & spanish ham) giving it a rich boost of flavour. The taste still lingers in my mind. After reading the Sunday Times article on the new Les Amis chef, I made a trip down to savour the steak frites infused with truffle. The coffee is also served with a white truffle & chocolate macaroon that's absolutely out of this world. I even heard the group next to me persuade the maitre'd for seconds (the macaroon comes with the coffee and is not on the menu).

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