Saturday, November 1, 2008

JewelFest 08

As usual, I had to pop by the tent to have a look see. Some gorgeous rings (I have to many) and necklaces (out of my budget). I was surprised to see many Halloween worthy pieces like the black diamond spider and cobwebs necklace and another necklace with rows of coral beads carved (like a pumpkin) into skulls. Hellmuth's signature croc-embossed gold & diamond necklace (price unavailable) made me want to hand over what remains of my life savings and I really liked Tianpo's Venusa Sautoir which is entirely detachable into multiple pieces.

This year's star attractions are highly unusual. Faberge World Wildlife Fund Egg with an orang utan within was beautifully crafted. There was also the Mouawad Victoria's Secret diamond encrusted Christmas lingerie that made SooKee's diamond encrusted jewellery box look tame. Goldheart had some unusual pieces (a purple gold hair clip) in their Orient Bliss collection.

As for wearable, VOI jewellery and Baerjewels ultra sleek jewellery made me take a second look. I would have bought me some if not for the current economic state. Lee Hwa had some nice everyday pieces in Lace Reverie & Palais Princess. Surprisingly, I walked out of the tent empty-handed.

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