Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore's first year hosting the F1 race. How exciting, it's a street race that's held at night. With 23 turns and 61 laps, the circuit is supposed to one of the trickiest. The media activity before race day focused on the picturesque circuit that was designed around many of Singapore's landmarks (e.g. The Singapore Flyer, Fullerton Hotel) and the bespoke lighting designed by Phillips to replicate day light, resulting in a surreal illuminated track that the aerial cameras caught beautifully on film.

The show didn't stop there. From practice to race day, drama abound. During qualifiers, Massa and Ferrari teammate Kimi secured pole and 3rd positions respectively for race day. Alonso was placed last due to technical glitches with his vehicle. Come race day, there were 5 accidents, 2 of which warranted the presence of safety cars and another that saw Kimi crash out. There was an unfortunate incident where Massa drove off too early from the pit stop with the fuel pipe attached to his car. The race ended with Massa and Kimi at the bottom 3 and Alonso first. Although, Alonso's Renault teammate Piquet was the first to crash in the race and caused the safety cars to come out. The most consistent performer (at least to me) was Hamilton who qualified for 2nd position and finished the race 3rd.

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  1. Wow, that does sound pretty cool! Did you go watch it on the streets?


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