Sunday, September 21, 2008

Purse hanger

I have been looking for a purse hook for the longest time. The only versions I have been able to find are the usual crystal encrusted ones that I feel are better suited to 14 year olds than to someone my age. So glad I found this at the Celine boutique. Its available in yellow or white gold.


  1. This purse hanger is pretty enough, but not well designed. It is unlikely to accomodate bags with larger hard handles.
    The best quality purse hangers come from Purse-Pal. Not only do they use premium materials and have sophisticated designs, they also donate a minimum of $5 from every one they sell to good causes like breast and ovarian cancer research, environmental causes and animal rescue and shelters.
    Find at
    Support your purse AND a great cause!

  2. I bought a pink ribbon one. Let's see what the quality and service level is like.

  3. My Credit Card was charged for it last month. But, the item has yet to arrive...

    An online scam?

    Let me call the credit card company.


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