Friday, June 24, 2016

Underwater World Sentosa

Underwater World Sentosa closes on 27 June and prices have been slashed to $9 for all those wanting to catch a last minute glimpse of this place. Just look at the Q to get in, and this is 1pm on a weekday afternoon. Juice bar next to the ticketing counter.

I took the MRT to Vivocity, went up to the 3rd floor to board the Sentosa Express ($4 and you can pay with your EZlink card). Stop at Beach Central and take Bus 1 to Underwater World.

Sentosa is all about My Little Pony this summer.

When you enter Underwater World, the first few stations are all interactive with marine life. You can pet them, feed them, take pictures with them.

This is also where you drop off the young kids at the activity centre with coin machines dispensing candy and toys. They usually go crazy trying to catch the live fishes.

1 level below are aquarium exhibits of rare and exotic marine creatures.

And they are all still alive.

The place was really crowded, however taking great pics are still possible.

1 more level down is the underwater tank with conveyor belt to bring everyone through.

Photo opportunities are endless.

On my way out, more giant crabs 'n' fishies to take pics with.

Finally, you have to go through the gift shop to exit. Lots of good deals since its closing down.

I got a pink dolphin soft toy and pink sea glass magnets.

On my way out I got a drink from Chill Out.

Press A Penny next to the Chill Out cashier.

Some locals made an appearance.

Snack at Hotdog King before heading home.

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