Monday, June 20, 2016

Chao Shan Cuisine

Saturday Family Dinner @ Chao Shan Cuisine. I have never been here before and its really popular with full occupancy before it even got dark outside.

It's located @ Philip Street opposite the Chinese Temple and serves delicious Teochew food. Maybe that's why, my family hardly eats Teochew food.

Cold crabs are served as a starter, as opposed to the end of the meal at a Singaporean Seafood Place. There are several dipping sauces, I like it as is, really sweet and filled with roe.

Pork Jelly and Prawn Balls appetizers. The pork jelly is served cold and quite salty, you have to eat it with the coriander stems.

Steamed egg white prawns, incredibly close to seafood congee.

Braised tofu, my fave.

Chicken stuffed with chestnuts, chestnuts were really yummy.

Fried Noodles, kinda nice that some parts are crispy.

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