Monday, May 23, 2016

Korean Souvenir Snacks

These snacks are often found in the airport or tourist shops. My parents brought these back from a recent holiday to Korea, along with dozens of Missha facial masks and Laniege cosmetics for me. I am sure everyone's curious as to how these foods tastes, I know I am.

Pumpkin Jelly, its a sticky sugary jelly with a savory taste. I think there's more than pumpkin in it, some Korean herbs as well.

Jeju Orange slices coated in white & dark chocolate. It's real orange slices dried and dipped in chocolate. I would prefer it to be crisp, its kinda soft and chewy.

Jeju Harubang Chocolate. It's half flavored cream and half chocolate in the shape of a stone statue. Makes a great souvenir coz of its shape, the flavor is also really bright, not much choco taste tho'.

Dried Fish Crackers in individually wrapped portions. Its tasty, I would even eat this with rice.

BBQ Ribs Flavored Seaweed comes in A4 size sheets that are really meant for sushi rolls. It does have a smoky BBQ flavor and can be eaten on its own.

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