Friday, May 13, 2016

Giant Grocery Shopping

$100 worth of stuff from Giant:

Marigold 100% Juice packets (6x250ml)   $4.25   $3.95
Marigold Peel Fresh x2   $6.50
Ribena Drinks x2   $5.80   $2.90
HtwoO Isotonic Drinks x4   $7.60   $6.70
Equal Sugar pack x2   $13.45
Alpen Muesli Bars x2   $13.10   $10.95
Dutch Lady Milk x2   $5.00
Farmers Union Yoghurt   $8.40   $7.90
Giant Frozen Samosa   $4.65
Huiji Honey   $9.95
Rex Canned cuttlefish soya   $4.75
Rex Canned cuttlefish sambal   $2.60
IceCool Canned gold corn kernels   $1.05
Jixiang Canned baked beans   $1.00
Coca Cola cans x3   $2.25   $2.00
Impra Tea x2   $5.90
Southdale Farm sliced cheese x3    $8.75
Bibik's Choice fried fish fillets   $3.80
All Big Premium fried cuttlefish fillets   $4.10

TOTAL = $121.65 (retail price) or $105.90 (what I paid)

Snacks for the kiddos, 100% juice packs and yogurt muesli bars. There was an offer, buy 2 boxes of muesli bars for $10.90.

Farmers Union Greek Yogurt with a touch of honey, I think that's a new flavor. So I got 1 pack to try out for our breakfasts. Probably adding in dried fruit and cereal coz our cereal is the organic grains type not the sugared type.

These are the new Equal sugar products. Equal Gold resembles granulated sugar and Equal Stevia uses a new type of sweetener (Stevia plant extract) so it should taste different. Both are still 0 calories and safe for diabetics.

I also got the biggest bottle (1kg) of squeezable floral honey. Huiji is a chinese brand, never tried it before.

Packs of Impra Tea, I always get this when I am at Giant coz its not available anywhere else. It's a good deal too, at just $2.95 for each box of 25 teabags. I got rose tea and apple tea.

Some frozen snacks for tea-time. I try to stick to the school tuckshop faves coz that's what everyone loves.

Southdale Cheese Slices were half priced, but it didn't ring up at the cashier, or my total would have been $101. 53. Soo irritating, for some reason some of the discounts didn't ring up at the cashier and I had to get her to re-scan some items. I missed out on this item so didn't get the discounts on it at all. 

Coca Cola CNY cans were on sale (post season) so I got a few.

Ribena mango+passionfruit was half priced, H-two-O was also on sale, so I got a few bottles.

Tinned food, from Rex/Ice Cool/Jixiang.

No sale on these but I had to get Yuzu & Momo Peach to share with my mom.

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