Friday, March 18, 2016


I received this paint-by-numbers kit that was quite old and the paints inside had already dried up, so I thought I would just paint something on the stretched canvas instead.

Semco Acrylic Paints 3 for $5
Miffy Glitter/Metallic Markers $10
Stretched Canvas $15
Paint Brushes $10 

Starting with ombre sunset background that took a few coats of paint to cover up the paint-by-number markings and my rough sketch. These Semco paints for beginners already have water mixed in so just squeeze and spread it out.

I've had these Miffy glitter/metallic markers for some time and hardly used them as its inky and runs through the paper, making it perfect for painting. I broke the nibs and used a thin brush to add onto the canvas in layers.

The final painting that hangs nicely in my room and doubles as a notice board.

I used charity push pins on my previous board, now I am using XL earrings that are really to big to wear to hold up my notes on the board.

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