Friday, March 25, 2016

Back in the Gym...

It's time to get in shape and lose all that excess weight. Most people make new year's resolutions to lose weight and tho' I didn't wish it this year, look at what I'm doing. With all the free time to dedicate myself to getting fit again, I'm really excited Dance classes are trending. 

This month, I had my first personal training session, mostly exercises with stretch bands. Had my BMI checked and a fat analysis, I am 50% fat and 50% other stuff. Since I was advised to start slow, I attended the beginners Group X sessions.

New pair of trainers - Reebok CrossFit Cushion 3.0. I tried on a few pairs and really like the cushion padding on this one. Due to weight issues, padding becomes really important. Reebok is the brand of choice @ California Fitness.

Checking out all the California Fitness gyms @ Novena S.C.(crowded), Bugis Junction (I had trouble finding this one) and Raffles Place (the original location). The Ngee Ann City branch closed down over CNY this year.

They have vending machines for sports drinks and now protein shakes!

You can buy stuff from the Gym. They sell locks @ the counter for towels, gym bags @ membership counter and there is even a gift shop @ Bugis Gym selling supplements, toiletries and fresh smoothies.

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